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Leviathans of Space: Massive Unknown Craft

Leviathans of Space: Massive Unknown Craft
By Scott Corrales © 2014

We were assured by space writers and science fiction authors that the vastness of interstellar space could only be crossed by mammoth space vehicles – “generation ships”, in the parlance of some spinners of space yarns – crewed by generations of space travelers hoping to reach their destination centuries hence. The concept was ripe for speculation. What if the children of the children of the first crew became a series of stratified societies aboard their vehicle, and had forgotten the purpose of their mission? (Harlan Ellison’s Phoenix in Ashes, the novelized version of The Starlost), or the fate of the mission was entrusted to a single pilot while passengers endured dreamlike sleep until their destination was within reach (James White’s The Dream Millennium). This science fiction did not allow for super-passing gear of hyperdrive like space opera: crossing the blackness of space was a dangerous, laborious process whose ultimate payoff was never in sight.

“These children,” wrote Arthur C. Clarke in his landmark Report on Planet Three and Other Speculations, “knowing no parents, or indeed anyone of a different age, would grow up in the strange artificial world of their speeding ship, reaching maturity in time to explore the planets ahead of them – perhaps to be the ambassadors of humanity among alien races, or perhaps to find, too late, that there were no home for them there. If their mission succeded, it would be their duty, or that of their descendants, if the first generation could not complete the task, to see that the knowledge they had gained was someday carried back to Earth. Would any society be morally justified in planning so onerous and uncertain a future for its unborn – indeed unconceived – children?”

Speculative aliens may face a similar situation. Around this same time, Clarke also wrote about “worldlets” filled with extraterrestrials who might venture through our solar system, and perhaps this line of thought led him to write Rendezvous with Rama (1973), a work desperately calling for elevation to the silver screen for four decades. The British scientist’s Childhood’s End also introduced us to the concept of giant alien saucers hovering over our planet’s major cities as the mysterious Overlords changed the direction of human civilization.

Size matters, and many of us - this writer included - sat in wonderment at a movie theater as Darth Vader’s star destroyer dominated the entire screen in its pursuit of Princess Leia’s Tantive IV in the crucial opening minutes of Star Wars: A New Hope (just plain Star Wars in 1977). An even bigger surprise awaited viewers as Han Solo’s Corellian freighter was absorbed into the moon-sized Death Star. Here was a Clarkian “worldlet” capable not only of traveling from one planet to another, but also destroying it.

Using science-fiction as our springboard, we move on to the subject of gigantic vehicles – seemingly real – that are often reported in UFO chronicles. The presence of such behemoths has fuelled speculation about alien efforts at colonizing our own star system, although – referring back to pulp as a touchstone – such massive craft could be needed to pierce the barrier that separates one dimension from another, as suggested in Fritz Leiber’s The Wanderer.

A Forgotten Case: The Janos People

The story of The Janos People occupied the narrow middle ground between the UMMO hoax and contactee experiences of the 1950s and 1960s. In 1978, a family traveling down a lonely road somewhere in England found their routine journey intercepted by an unidentified flying object. During the course of this CE-3 experience, the humans were taken aboard the alleged craft. In the abduction-riddled '90s, they would have been subjected to series of gruesome experiments; but things were different in the '70s, even in matters involving extraterrestrial captors, who limited themselves to showing their unwilling guests a movie.

The projection - for want of a better term - told the story of the destruction of the planet Janos as one of its satellites - Saton - crumbled to bits and rained mountain-sized fragments on the planet below, destroying atomic power plants and enveloping the world in fallout.

The Janosians set themselves to work on a gargantuan spaceship constructed in the stricken planet's orbit (somewhere free from the meteoroids left over from the destruction of Saton, one supposes) and this too was displayed to the captives. This unimaginably large, ring-shaped worldlet held ten million people, and waited at the edges of our solar system for permission to embark on a colonization mission: whether on Earth proper or perhaps terraforming another planet like Mars or Venus.

The story appeared in a book - aptly called The Janos People - by Frank Johnson in 1980. The description of the Janosian homeworld is straight out of the UMMO playbook and – if real – suggests some dark psychological operation, whether by the military or another shadowy organization. Taken at face value, the humanoid Janosians are politely awaiting permission to settle in our system, and may still be waiting out there (could all those blurry photographs of “rogue planets” and comets circulating on the Internet really be snapshots of the Janosian worldlet? Throw that into the pot of speculation for good measure).

“If they were desperate,” suggests the ever-quotable Arthur C. Clarke in his essay When The Aliens Come, “if, for example, they were the last survivors of an ancient race whose mobile worldlet had almost exhausted its supplies after aeons of voyaging, they might be tempted to make a fresh home in the solar system. The barren Moon and the drifting slag heaps of the asteroid belt would provide all the raw materials they needed, and the Sun, all the energy.” This seems like a more acceptable solution than the one proposed by author Frank Johnson, who proposed vacating New Zealand to turn it over to the Janosians.

Desperation must not be a factor for the ten million alien souls aboard the Janosian ring-ship.

The Worlds of Oahspe

Now we venture into an even more uncomfortable no-mans-land: border regions where spiritualism has points of contact with drug-induced visions, such as those produced by the consumption of ayahuasca and other substances. The Oahspe Bible, a work of automatic writing produced by John Ballou Newbrough in the late 19th century, occupies a respected place among new age and general esoteric writings. John A. Keel noted in his works that some of the terminology employed in contacteeism hails from this mysterious volume, but that most contactees had never heard of Dr. Newbrough’s nine hundred page long received work. It is not our intention here to delve into the theology of Oahspe or the reality of the spirits that dictated the huge document, but rather to only touch on a particular aspect – the fact that the world “star ship” makes its first appearance in written English (according to

“13. Onward moved the float, the fire-ship, with its ten million joyous souls, now nearing the borders of Horub, the boundary of Fragapatti's honored regions, known for hundreds of thousands of years, and for his work on many worlds. Here, reaching C'vork'um, the roadway of the solar phalanx, near the post of dan, where were quartered five hundred million ethereans, on a voyage of exploration of more than four millions of years, rich stored with the glories of Great Jehovih's universe. Their koa'loo, their ship, was almost like a world, so vast, and stored with all appurtenances. They talked of going home! Their pilots had coursed the firmament since long before the earth was made, and knew more than a million of roadways in the etherean worlds, and where best to travel to witness the grandest contrasting scenes.” (Book of Fragapatti, Son of Jehovih, Oahspe, 1912)

“Some of the giant starships are described in Oahspe as being from ethereal worlds,” observed Brinsley LePoer Trench – Lord Clancarty – in an article for SAGA UFO Report in 1976, “and others as from corporeal worlds such as our own. So almost 100 years ago Oahspe supported both the extra-dimensional theory and the extraterrestrial hypothesis. Indeed, Oahspe gives a history of both the etherean heavens and the corporeal worlds.” He concludes by saying: ‘In short, there may be a vast, galactic civilization in deep space, living not so much on physical planets but on giant spaceships the size of planets, as described in Oahspe.

The koa’loo certainly fits the bill for a Clarkian worldlet, - with room to spare – but it is a predecessor to other colossal conveyances described in the contactee tradition, such as the Ashtar Command’s flagship, the Shan Chea, depicted in contactee illustrations at a multi-leveled, football-shaped craft with a dozen separate decks ranging from a motor pool for flying saucers to the dome-shaped command deck from which Ashtarian officers survey the universe. Level Ten of this brobdingnagian craft contains "lodgings for visiting dignitaries from all dimensions" while Level Three contains a "zoo with animals of many worlds." Level Eight contains housing for the evacuees from the impending destruction of planet Earth.

"Rest assured that the Mansions of Space are ready and awaiting their guests," states the text accompanying the sketch of the giant spacecraft. "There will be no crowding of persons or things in these incredibly spacious, self-contained and extraordinarily organized floating aetheric ships. Seven of these pearly-white Space Cities are ready, and their sizes range from 10 miles in diameter (16 km) to the greatest of all, the one containing the headquarters of Lord Jesus Sananda, Lord Ashtar and the Ashtar Command, which is over one hundred miles in diameter." An unwise tongue may be moved to quip that Tarkin's Death Star was two hundred miles across, but did not contain such august characters.

The most attractive feature of this contactee vessel is the Grand Rotunda (on Level 11) where human visitors shall be summoned from their staterooms for a meeting with the space brothers. “Its impressive circular walls contain giant displays through which guests may enjoy the cosmic landscape, their own world, and events from the past and those yet to come.”

The foregoing may be ludicrous to some or charming fantasy to others. However, plans for a human-built worldlet were put forth a long time ago: Project Hyperion posited the creation of an "asteroid starship" to follow the discovery of possible inhabitable worlds by the Daedalus probe (conceived by the British Interplanetary Society decades ago). The guidelines for hollowing out an asteroid use science fiction as a blueprint - a concept employed by science fiction writer Larry Niven - which involves drilling into an asteroid with powerful laser beams of a kind we have yet to develop. Water tanks would be inserted into the cavity, which would be sutured, and the asteroid would be made to spin "like a pig on a spit" using ion-drive engines mounted on the structure's equator (

Arrival of the Motherships

It could have been a scene out of a motion picture: the citizens of a small South American city, enjoying the warm summer night at open-air cafés and entertainment areas. The heat, according to the local press, was the reason for so many people being awake as two o’clock in the morning, looking for cool drinks and ice cream to make the situation more bearable.

This then, was the situation in the city of Joaquin V. Gonzalez – named after the Argentinean senator and chancellor of the University of La Plata – when a “strange, gigantic luminous creature, elongated and weightless” appeared in the dark skies, lighting everything around it and under it. The apparition was described in the media as a “UFO mothership” or “cigar-shaped UFO with intermittent flashing lights and a fixed red beacon”. The bemused onlookers saw the majestic and terrifying structure make its way south toward the community of El Tunal before their community was plunged into a blackout.

An article in the November 26 2009 edition of Diario Popular added that a two hundred square mile area had been affected by the power outage as a result of the unusual phenomenon. UFO researcher Luis Burgos stated the object was “what we call a mothership, a sort of space aircraft carrier measuring no less than 200-300 meters (roughly 600 -900 feet) long, and which usually issues smaller UFOs measuring between 8 and 10 meters in size, which later return to the [mothership].” Burgos found corroboration for the event in a sequence of photographs taken two days earlier, showing a spindle-shaped object. “Our correspondent in the town of the town of Comandante Luis Piedrabuena, in the province of Santa Cruz, has sent us an exceptional document showing a mothership that flew over the outskirts of that southern locality of our country. This "phantom UFO" was picked up by resident Jose Acosta as he took photos of his property, located 15 kilometers west of Piedrabuena and in the vicinity of the Santa Cruz River, at 1600 hours on November 24, 2009. According to calculations made by our analyst, Jorge Luis Figueiras, the object is at a distance of 7 kilometers and is among the typical cloud formations of the country, having an approximate altitude of 4000 meters. This gives the alleged airship a length of between 80- 100 meters (250-330 feet).”

The mysterious “mothership” reappeared over the city of Joaquin V. Gonzalez on December 19, 2009 during the day, interrupting cell phone and internet service around five o’clock in the evening.

Other “motherships” had been reported in Argentinean cases, such as the 1990 event in Necochea on the Atlantic Ocean. On Sunday, 29 April of that year, a spindle-shaped object was seen by dozens who described it as a “flying cigar”. The object flew silently over the coastline and vanished into the sea after heading south. Curiously enough, the sighting also occurred at five o’clock in the evening.

“Please God, don’t let this fall down, or it’ll destroy the world!”

This was the thought that crossed the mind of Antolín Medina in the wee hours of March 20, 1980. Medina was a part-time cab driver who had just completed a fare in the vicinity of Lugo in Spain’s northwestern corner. His story, featured in Marcelino Requejo’s OVNIS: Alto Secreto recounts a man’s chilling encounter with a gigantic spaceship.

As he drove along Route N-540 on a crystal clear spring night, Medina had just driven past the As Lamelas power substation when he felt a growing feeling of pressure in his chest, coupled with a sensation of static electricity in the air. Distressed, he pulled the vehicle over and got out, suddenly unable to breathe. Insensibly, his eyes drifted upward to look at the night sky, and were rewarded by a shocking scene: A huge, dark triangular object hung silently some two hundred feet overhead.

“I was stunned as I looked at it, and I remember thinking: Please God, don’t let this fall down, or it’ll destroy the world! It was so large, and since it made no noise, one couldn’t imagine how it kept itself aloft. I thought about what would happen if it suddenly crashed. It was solid, metallic, dark grey in color and truly impressive, beyond being merely large. It had some sort of nozzles on each of its corners, dark yellow in color. I watched it for nearly a minute and suddenly, the nozzles lit up three at a time, issuing a bluish-white light, very intense, but making no noise at all.”

According to the bewildered onlooker, the massive object tilted to the right, allowing him to make out its configuration: an equilateral triangle measuring 1800 meters (5900 feet) per side. “I’m not exaggerating,” Medina insisted. “It was right above me and one of the vertexes covered the town of Piedrafita, which is two kilometers distant in a straight line from where I stood.”

A science fiction filmmaker would have had the mountainous object rev up its engines to a deafening degree, bathe the protagonist in actinic light, and take off toward uncharted regions. What actually happened in Medina’s case was the object leaped skyward silently, turning into a distant point of light before vanishing altogether.

A triangular UFO measuring nearly six thousand feet should be considered among the largest unidentified objects ever reported, but Marcelino Requejo’s archives held one more surprise: a 1989 report involving a spherical mothership. Two guards assigned to the security detail of the Endesa power station outside A Coruña had been told to keep an eye on Monte de Muras – a hill whose high voltage towers were possible targets for terrorist activity.

The security officers positioned their vehicles in such a way that they could command the view of three hundred thousand volt lines that provided energy for the Alcoa plant in San Cibrao. Around five o’clock in the morning, one of the guards pointed out the presence of a group of yellow lights traveling in a row beyond the power grid. They then noticed a similar formation coming up on the other side of the hill, at some two hundred feet over the transmission towers.

“That’s when we realized that the sky was being covered by something very large, as it hid the stars as it moved,” said the main witness, who gave his name only as Carlos. “We got out of our cars and it was then that we could clearly see what was going on. It was truly incredible, inconceivable! The dark mass passing over our heads and the rows of lights flying over the high voltage lines were part of the same object. It was gigantic, hard to describe in mere words. The rows of yellow lights were the edges of that object!”

There was a distance of more than half a mile between each power line, which helped the onlookers get a better idea of the massive proportions of the craft. “It reminded me of outer space movies, where the giant ships have many compartments and protuberances underneath them. We looked behind it to get an idea of what it looked like, but the shape became lost in the distance. It looked like a giant rugby ball. It was over half a mile wide, so you can imagine how long it was. It was in excess of one mile long.”

The witness was very specific about the details: the object made no sound whatsoever, the only noise that evening being the strong prevailing winds. It did not change course and flew slowly, an estimated sixty kilometers an hour (short of 40 mph), taking a full twenty minutes to cover “the twenty two kilometer distance in a straight line to Ría de Viveiro.” Once the object reached the sea, it disgorged two white spheres down a column of light that projected into the water. One of these objects flew inland at dizzying speed, flying over the security guards. The colossal mothership eventually began to sway from one side to another, shooting skyward at a prodigious rate of speed.


One is reminded of the timeless illustration of the smaller fish being eaten by progressively larger fishes. Here we have it in reverse – the relatively small flying objects reported by tens of thousands of witnesses worldwide over the past sixty years, those which have been seen on the ground, the motherships that carry them (unless they are simply “traveling dimensional doorways” capable of delivering a payload to a specific location), perhaps even larger motherships that carry the motherships, and ultimately the planet-sized objects they hail from.

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Argentina: “Strange Presences” in the Islands of Entre Rios

Source: Diario La Voz (online)
Date: 08.19.2014

Argentina: “Strange Presences” in the Islands of Entre Rios
*** Man tells local television about disembodied beings in the La Jaula wilderness***

A local resident identified as Rubén Lell claims having witnessed the manifestations of beings “with heads, but without bodies” while crossing the islands near the La Jaula wilderness in the Province of Entre Rios.

Lell states that he headed for the river, pushed along by “a black-colored being” of great strength, to the point of being thrown into the water, according to

“I even looked for my flashlight. It [the figure] had gone into the river or simply vanished,” says the man.

He later added that out on the river, he saw two human heads that accompanied him at the front of the boat and which “were motionless and appeared to lack bodies”, as he told the TT6 program broadcasted on Channel 6 in the city of Crespo.

[Transcript of minutes 10:00-12:14 of the video]

Interviewer: Did you ever hear any similar story, or seen something in particular on that island?
Lell: No, never. Never. It isn’t the first time that I’ve fished for capinchos or gone out at night. Not on that island, no. But on others I have.
Interviewer: You’ve seen strange things.
Lell: Yes, yes I’ve seen them. Even by daylight.
Interviewer: Something similar to this, or…?
Lell: No, other things have happened to me while fishing for capinchos, other things have happened, but there you go. I’ve been told I shouldn’t fish them, but they’re so tasty [laughs]
Interviewer: So the things that have happened to you are on another island. Something similar, involving heads or….
Lell: Well, apparitions and things one realizes aren’t [real]. There are things that happen on the islands that we discuss among ourselves.
Interviewer: So you think there are things going on, but people won’t dare talk about them?
Lell: No, we islanders discuss it among ourselves, look, this and that happened to me, but that’s where it ends. One mustn’t be too curious and try to find things out.
Interviewer: Do you always go out to that place with dogs or alone?
Lell: If I need to, I bring dogs, but otherwise alone. On horseback, or whatever.
Interviewer: You say the dog warns you if there are weird things out there.
Lell: So does the horse. Horses have their own sense of foreboding.
Interviewer: Rubén, did you return to the island?
Lell: Yes, I did. I went back to see if I could find traces of something, but no, no…all was normal.


[Translation and transcription (c) 2014, S. Corrales, IHU, with thanks to Guillermo Giménez]

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Chile: Regional Businessman Photographs UFO During World Cup Games

Source: Planeta UFO and Diario El Día (Chile)
Date: 08.12.14

Chile: Regional Businessman Photographs UFO During World Cup Games
By Cristian Riffo

Photo taken by businessman Carlos Ruiz showing the city of Ouro Preto and a self-luminous disk-shaped object in the sky.

Thousands of compatriots traveled to Brazil to see Chile playing in the most recent World Cup games. One of them was Carlos Ruiz, a local businessman and former Assistant Dean of the University of Aconcagua.

Aside from attending all of Team Chile's games, his goal was to enjoy the beauty of Brazil's cities. Thus, following the Chilean team's defeat in the games, he headed for the city of Ouro Preto in Minas Gerais.

"When Chile lost in Belo Horizonte, I went off to a city that was recommended to me. It is an old city, a world heritage site, with a Portuguese flavor, used in several Brazilian TV series. I toured the streets, taking photos and visiting museums. This happened before my return trip home on July 1," states Ruiz.

During his entire stay in Brazil - for over 30 days - the businessman employed a Nikon P510 camera.

"In the evening, at 18:15 hours, I was taking my last photos before heading off to the bus station, and that's when I saw something appear. I was holding the camera, and thinking quickly, fired off two photos. Then it vanished. I saw something unknown to me appear out of nowhere, and it drew my attention," he noted.

Two Photos

Thus, Carlos Ruiz managed to capture the object in two photographs with a distance of less than 2 seconds between each. According to his report, there were no other witnesses or people photographing the UFO from that area.

"After it vanished, I went away to see if I could spot it elsewhere, but it was gone. I kept taking pictures. I've had the good fortune to travel a lot, but this the first time I've seen anything like it, except perhaps in Chile, when I saw something strange when traveling to Candelaria, but I didn't get to take any pictures.

The images - plus the local businessman's account - will be analyzed by UFO researchers gathered at a meeting on Thursday, August 14. Meanwhile, ufologists will hold a series of lectures on August 15 & 16 at an anniversary in the city of La Serena (Chile).

Carlos Ruiz also authorized the photos taken in Brazil to be seen by people visiting the Puerta Mall in La Serena between August 14 and 17, where Expo OVNI 2014 will be held. A sample of historic UFO cases will be on display there, including the alleged crash of a strange device in Paihuano on 7 October 1998.

[Translation (c) 2014 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

Argentina: Uproar in Valle Fertil over Alleged UFO

Source: Tiempo de San Juan (Argentina) and Planeta UFO
Date: 08.18.2014

Argentina: Uproar in Valle Fertil over Alleged UFO

*** Residents of Valle Fertil claim that an Unidentified Flying Object flew over the region ***
*** Valle Fertil journalist claims having seen the UFO ***

Residents of the department of Valle Fertil report seeing a UFO flying over the area on Thursday afternoon. It vanished two hours later.

Photos have appeared on social media showing a light in the sky, and local residents affirm that it is the unidentified flying object.

Furthermore, minutes before the alleged UFO's manifestation, there was a slight tremor that frightened the locals, who related it to the subsequent envent.

According to what some of the locals published, the UFO remained motionless for a long period of time, generating a silvery light.

VIDEO: (audio interview and still photo) at

[Translation (c) 2014 S. Corrales, IHU. Thanks to Guillermo Gimenez and Tiempo de San Juan)

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Argentina: Phantom Humanoids in the Cordillera (1981)

Argentina: Phantom Humanoids in the Cordillera (1981)
By Carlos Daniel Ferguson
(appearing in UFO Press #24, November 1986)

17 February 1981, Manzano Amargo, Neuquén
Phantom Humanoids in the Cordillera?

During the year 1981, at least in Argentina and without confirming greater variation over successive years, reports on Close Encounters of the Third Kind (according to the Hynek classification) have not been abundant. Nor were there many “on site” surveys on such cases published in this magazine since that time. Carlos Ferguson, the author of this article, made known an original report of his investigation in the magazine he previously worked for – the esotericist monthly “Cuarta Dimensión”. Dissatisfied with that initial version of the facts, which lacked basic information (such as the story of José Albornoz himself, the main protagonist of the event), Ferguson now gives us this second version, which replaces the earlier one and gives us a more detailed notion about the strange incident at Manzano Amargo, a town located on the Andean Range, 3700 meters above sea level. With this article, Carlos Ferguson becomes part of our publication’s regular staff.


The results of the investigation presented below stem from the information collected following a visit to the town of Manzano Amargo shortly after (some 20 days later) the event that gave rise to our interest.

It was necessary to take on a challenge, since practically the only prior information in existence was a newspaper clipping that read:

GENERAL ROCA (C.) – The “Rio Negro” daily of this locality informed its readers yesterday that reports from the Manzano Amargo wilderness suggest that a UFO landed in the area, and that two tall beings descended from it, inviting local inhabitants and a girl to board their flying saucer before taking off upon hearing the child’s screams. The UFO had colored lights…” (sic)

It is not my intention to bore the readers with the background of the investigation. It should suffice to note that nothing pointed to an easy investigation: the area was inaccessible, with a lack of suitable transportation which led to hitchhiking or horseback riding. On the other hand, the first news items of the event became known through the radio and a simple and sensationalist newsclipping that afforded little certainty.

The fact is that it did not turn out to be a heroic feat (many researchers would have done a similar study) but an ardous journey was involved to reach the place where the events transpired aboard a pickup truck that very nearly went over the steep cliffs of the Cordillera, a horse that went up and down trails as wide as a fist and other details not worth mentioning, as the last thing the author wants is to become a “UFO martyr” while still alive.
Before sharing the most complete version published heretofore regarding the Manzano Amargo episode with readers of UFO PRESS, I would like to give thanks for the assistance provided by the Intendent of Chos-Malal, the police and gendarmerie of that community, and the countless residents of Zapala, Vavardo and Chos-Malal who made this work possible by granting us lodging in schools and commissariats, and not precisely under the auspices of the organization I represented at that time.

The Witness and His Environment

The town of Manzano Amargo is 526 kilometers to the northwest of the Province of Neuquén, basically on the border with Chile and at an elevation of 3,700 meters in the middle of the Andean Range. Several UFO sightings took place in 1980 in this region, involving two significant witnesses, such as the former Indentent of Chos-Malal, Mr. Stanley Izaguirre, who cordially welcomed me to his office to tell me about the event he witnessed along with dozens of witnesses. They beheld a UFO that dazzled them with its lights and illuminated the Cordillera as if it were daytime.

One of the most interesting interviews, without question, was the one with teacher Luis Recia of Escuela 253, in the town of Manzano Amargo, which provides inestimable asstance to the humble residents of the region. It can be said of Luis Recia that he is the confidant of the local population, which includes the main witness himself, José Fermin Albornoz. The schoolteacher was the first person to hear Albornoz’s strange story. The questions answered by Recia to this interviewer suggested an intimate knowledge of Albornoz. His opinion of the case was an unequivocal assertion:

“What José is saying is based on actual fact, as people –at least people around here, in general – don’t have an intellect that’s sufficiently developed to imagine such things.” I was fully able to corroborate the rural schoolmaster’s statement, not only because Albornoz was not benefitting from making his story known, but because he was, in fact, a person of very limited education. A plain, humble rural man practically free from the contaminating effects of the communication media.

José Fermín Albornoz (age 43, information he only found out when visiting the registrar of births for his identification papers) is a cattleman, married, has seven children and knows no lands beyond Neuquén. The humble cattleman’s story was confirmed others who know him well, as well as the Police and the rural Gendarmerie and the aforementioned Intendant Izaguirre: “You can be fully certain that what Albornoz said was the truth.”

According to this interviewer, José repeats his story time and again without contradicting himself.

I admit that I was highly mistrustful, but was unable to detect any incoherences or gaps in his story. At all times, he answered my questions and had no objections in accompanying me to the sighting location, a stretch that links Manzano Amargo to a “step” in the Cordilleras, an hour and half distant from town on horseback.

Albornoz was startled to learn that the news had transcended the borders of his county. He expected no visitors. It is, in fact, a firsthand report.

The Events

On the evening of February 17, 1981, José Albornoz was on his way to La Veraneada, a step in the Cordillera where he looked after a herd of sheep, fenced in a pen, with the aid of two companions. After a quick dinner past nightfall, the three men decided to go to sleep. For this purpose there is a sort of shelter that is almost exposed to the elements near the pen. It is built out of wood and roofed with straw and mud. Around four o’clock in the morning on Wednesday, 18 February, José woke up alarmed by a sudden disturbance along the animals (the penned-in sheep were joined by horses and some dogs). At no time was a girl present in the group, as was incorrectly reported.

José propped himself up on his right hadn and was able to make out a circular sky-blue light some 20 meters away from his location. The luminous circle had an estimated size of 2 or 3 meters in circumference and was suspended some 40 centimeters over the ground. Albornoz then summoned his companion, who did not pay much attention to José’s exlamations and chose to hide by covering himself under some blankets. Albornoz says it was during these first moments that he felt a loud buzzing sound over his head. “It came from above,” he asserts. While the noise appeared to overwhelm everything, José Fermin had “the impression that the ground shook.” At that moment, all of a sudden, two humanoid figures appeared before him, standing more or less 1.10 meters tall.

These entities remained motionless for a few seconds barely two meters away from the shelter, nearly at Albornoz’s feet. They said “something” in an incomprehensible language before vanishing as quickly as they had appeared. José Fermín explains that his only thoughts at the moment were of his family, given the shock produced by the vision: “Dear Lord, it’s the end of the world and I’m not with my family,” he reportedly exclaimed upon witnessing the phenomenon before him.

His pulse quickened, he felt himself growing weak and falling to his side, recovering in a matter of seconds only to see his friend (who did not see the humanoids) watching the luminous sphere vanishing into the west while the animals kept making noise. José’s companion could not be interviewed by the author (it was said in the town that he had suffered such a severe emotional shock that he was unwilling to discuss his experience with anyone).

Specific Details

• The luminous sphere irradiated slight heat and did not split at the ends.
• The figures had a corpulent physical build despite their short stature. They were two large-headed humanoid silhouettes, their heads out of proportion with the rest of their bodies, with broad shoulders. They remained completely motionless at all time.
• Albornoz did not see any facial features (perhaps due to the entities being backlighted?)
• He did not notice any details about their hands or feet, but he did say “they had something on their heads, like a sort of helmet.”
• The little men wore full-length divers’ suits, form-fitting and dark blue.
• The buzzing he felt at the start of the event was similar to that of a motor in operation.
• Albornoz calculates the total duration of his experience in a minute or slightly less.
• Despite the scarcity of details provided by Albornoz, there are no contradictions between what he told the police and this interviewer.

Albornoz’s Story

This is the first time that Albornoz’s brief but enlightening story has been published, lifted verbatim from the report made by this author. This segment of the interview took place without any interference by the interviwer, as José expressed himself freely, without assistance, in his own words and disclosing the details which may be the most important ones of the case:
“I’d gone to bed early that night. At around one in the morning I looked in on my horse, and then went to bed once more. Shortly after, I heard the cows mooing and the horses whinnying, and no sooner did I uncover myself…did I see that light…nearby. When I saw that light I called out to the other fellow, saying: “Hey, what’s going on…” [but] he screamed and covered his head under the blanket…hiding behind me. There was a strange buzzing sound coming from above, and two people appeared…just like that…all of a sudden! (he makes a gesture that could be illustrated by the appearance of an image on a TV screen). I don’t know where they came from, they just did it…they appeared…I didn’t understand what they told me, but they did speak to me…and when they spoke, that’s when I told them: “Dear Lord, the world’s ending and I’m not with my family and my children.” And that’s when I lost control and was out of courage…I wanted to run off to where the others were, but my heart was beating too fast…I passed out from fear…they (the beings) were smallish and their outfits were dark blue…they stood side by side, next to each other. I wasn’t able to make out their faces, I’m not sure if it was because I wasn’t brave enough or because…I was shaking from fear. The light was a lovely light…bluish, clear. A beautiful light. I don’t know what it was because I don’t study. I don’t know how to read, so I don’t know what these things might be. Could you tell me what it was I saw?”

Interviewer’s Opinion

In my humble opinion, the only thing that can be argued to invalidate this case is a confusion with a known phenomenon, since the possibility of the witness having concocted a fantastic story has been dismissed, as he lacked the essential information, something that would also apply in the case of a hoax, for which he lacks any true motives. However, the details provided by the witness serve not to validate a conventional explanation, as its strangeness is such that it cannot be compared with any known phenomenon whatsoever.

It should be noted that it was Albornoz himself who replied that no physical evidence of the sighting was left behind.

The case meets several interesting characteristics, from my perspective: emotional effects in the witness, unusual nervousness in the animals, a protagonist who enjoyed a good reputation and was a “virgin” – if I may say so – when it came to external influences and information. Moreover, I think that the data collected are a significant find, and obtained in a timely manner: Albornoz told me he had received a visit prior to mine: “The newspapermen told me that when those people spoke to me, they were inviting me to come aboard the light, but I didn’t understand.” Adding to the chaos that the press could have caused, we can add the usual errors of information, such as the presence of a girl who was never there, the changing sizes of the humanoids (sometimes “very tall”, sometimes “60 centimeters) aside from the information being fed to the witness.

On a separate issue, I have compared the humanoid images observed by Albornoz with those of the “Barrancas Case” (Santa Fe, 19 June 1980), the “Las Salinas Case” (Tucumán, 10 October 1978) and the “Faimallá Case” (Tucumán, 7 October 1978) and not only do they coincide in their appearance, but in 3 out of 4 cases, the disappearance of the entities is spontaneous. The small figures have appeared assiduously during this last decade, to the contrary of what happened in the 1960s.

This, at least, is what we glean from the statistics obtained by CEFU, an effort aimed at continuing the work pioneered by Dr. Oscar Galíndez and Oscar Uriondo. Another loose end regarding animal behavior should be noted: Albornoz and his co-workers too three days to round up all the animals that escaped that night.

With regard to the behavior of the beings, they might coincide with the “B” category according to Henry Durrant and Pierre Ensía. Regarding the entities’ manifestation, Antonio Ribera believes that it was “an insubstantial tele-projection or hologram from a technology unknown to us.” There are several cases with these characteristics, such as the famous Almonaster La Real case in Spain.

It isn’t easy to prove that José Fermín Albornoz’s experience was “real” in the empirical sense, but it cannot be said that the lack of prints places the case in negative territory. Should it be positive, as I believe it is, this would be the first Close Encounter of the Third Kind to occur at such a high elevation.

Prof. Oscar Uriondo has also ventured his opinion on a number of “projections” in certain UFO cases: “I can objectively say that the anthropomorphic beings linked to UFO manifestations are sometimes goverened (in a small percentage of the sightings in this sub-category) by standards of behavior that are equal or analogous to those of ghostly images.”

[Translation (c) 2014 Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology, with thanks to Carlos Ferguson]

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Transient Visitors: Strange Humanoid Encounters

Transient Visitors: Strange Humanoid Encounters
By Scott Corrales, © 2014

At some point in the 1990s I had a conversation with Dr. Rafael A. Lara Palmeros, director of research for Mexico’s C.E.F.P organization regarding the motives of individuals who develop an unhealthy attraction to UFO and paranormal phenomena. Dr. Lara mentioned a case involving a certain gentleman from Central Mexico who openly expressed his wish to be “contacted by aliens”, as that would be the solution to all his problems, real or imagined. He went as far as to offer money – not small amounts, ether – to any researcher, contactee or psychic who could make his wish come true.
This wish was not granted, as far as I know. Indeed, the gentleman should have been admonished about being careful about what he hoped for – the time honored admonition. In fact, some people would gladly trade away their negative experiences for free.

Some cases involving humanoid encounters appear to go unnoticed in the vast rush to publish stories in magazines or make them known to TV production companies. One of these unsullied gems was researched by Ramón Nava-Osorio of Spain’s IIEE organization (readers of INEXPLICATA will often see mention being made of the IIEE’s branch in Chile) while looked into the experiences of Juan Soler, a Spanish experiencer of the kind referred to in the 1970s as a “repeater”, a person who has multiple brushes with the unknown over a lifetime.

The “Michelin Men” of Lérida

In the spring of 1977, Soler had gone to a farm which his brother-in-law had just purchased at Binéfar, in the Spanish Province of Huesca, hoping to lend him a hand with plumbing and sundry duties. Once the chores were complete, both men boarded their respective cars and drove away. Soler, however, had trouble with his ignition and made a wrong turn down a country road that lead him to an open field. The road came to an abrupt end, marked by a large toolshed surrounded by farm implements, and it was at that inopportune moment that the engine died.
Things were about to get markedly worse.

According to Soler, who was struggling with the ignition, he noticed a strange figure appear out of nowhere – an entity with a shocking physical appearance. This is how he described it to Ramón Nava –Osorio: “It had no neck and its big round head was directly joined to the body. Its head was enormous and ended in a green-colored crest that resembled a fin. This fin seemed to have something like a corkscrew halfway down. The body was covered in large scales, some 3 centimeters in diameter, green and darker than the rest of the skin. Stunned as I was, I then saw a second and third figure appear, all of them having similar characteristics. The third figure walked to the middle, and all three turned to look at me. They all came from the same place and walked like regular people. I was able to see their eyes, which looked like a horse’s eyes - round, bulging, black and white – and they showed anger. There was considerable distance between the eyes, they had no noses and small mouths, carrying something in their hands that I couldn’t see clearly.”

“I felt invaded by a sense of terror,” continued Soler, “it was a hellish nightmare. As I kept looking at them, I continued to turn the key over in the ignition until the engine started. I put the car in reverse without looking and got out of there the best I could. I normally tend to revisit places where I’ve had experiences, but I’ve never gone back there.”

The last few words of Soler’s testimony are important. Since his earliest experience with non-human entities, he has felt compelled to learn more about the phenomenon with an intensity that researcher Nava-Osorio compares to that of the Roy Neary chacaracter in Spielberg’s “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. These experiences went back to his early childhood, but none was as vivid as his encounter in September 1966 on the banks of the Marganell River.

At that time, Juan Soler had taken his then-girlfriend on a picnic to a highly wooded area frequented by families from the Manresa area. Around 1400 hours, Soler went off to a spring to bring back water, but something caught his eye: a metallic structure he took at first for a motorcycle’s sidecar, but as he approached, he realized that the object was a long white cylinder standing some 60 centimeters over the ground, “looking like a small submarine” – relatively speaking, as the witness placed its length at some five meters and its width at 120 cm, featuring portholes through which brown seats could be seen.

Nava-Osorio notes that Soler was at least ten meters distant from the object at this point. It was then that he saw two humanoid figures who must have descended from the sub-shaped structure shortly before the experiencer’s arrival.

Soler described the occupants as follows: “They were two beings, dressed in white, wearing helmets similar to those worn by motorcyclists. They were dressed in segmented outfits whose rings made them look like the Michelin Man (a reference to Bibendum, the logo of the Michelin tire company, whose image has been used as a descriptor in many CE-3 cases), although their segments were much thinner than those of the advertising character. The vehicle and the occupants’ clothing was the same color. I couldn’t make out their faces clearly due to the fear I felt and the swiftness with which it all occurred. But they seemed Nordic, although I had the impression they’d gotten suntanned, given the look of their skin. Their suits ended where the helmet started – it had no support or collar. They walked ponderously, wearing short-leg boots and gloves. They looked at me in surprise.”

This is where the “Marganell CE-3” - as we might well call it - took a detour into high strangeness.

Gripped by fear, Juan Soler felt the urge to flee, which is understandable in such a situation, but rather than escaping back to the picnic and his waiting girlfriend, he ran *toward* the humanoids, charging between both figures, brushing against one of them. Even more startling was the fact that the owner of the property containing the spring – described as an older man dressed in blue and wearing a cap – was standing there as if witnessing the proceedings. “He shouted an order, and the two humanoids hurriedly boarded their craft. Once aboard, the managed to touch me at the with the sharp end of the vehicle. I also felt something in my head. I turned around a little and told them: Go ahead, go ahead, I’m not about to do anything to you. When the vehicle had reached the height of my own head, I was gripped by excruciating pain. I felt as though my hair was on fire and the pain spread down my arms to my legs. Fully turning around to look, I saw the portholes [on the vehicle] were closed. They both looked at me from their seats and took off uphill […] The pain was similar to an electric shock, like something I’d experienced in the factory I worked for.”
Nava-Osorio did not press the witness for a better explanation of the events. The description as to the vehicle “going uphill” is unsatisfactory, and no mention is made of Soler returning to his girlfriend’s side.

“I showed up late for work on Monday morning,” Soler added. “Rather than reporting at 0500 I showed up at 0900. In the afternoon I went to see the doctor, but he didn’t put me on leave. He did on the following day, and I was on leave for fifteen days. I told the story to a number of people: friends, contemporaries and people at the factory, all of them serious, well-informed people, but no one believed me.”

There was an added detail to the story. Soler’s description of the entities as resembling Bibendum the Michelin Man was ironic in view of the fact that he worked at the Pirelli tire factory for many years, and his buddies began calling him “Gagarin” after the history-making Soviet astronaut.

Soler made efforts over the years to speak to the landowner who had fearlessly barked at the non-humans, prompting their departure. On one occasion, he went to the man’s home to discuss the bizarre experience, only to be slapped by the old man’s fiery tempered daughter. “The man died in later years, and I never had the pleasure of talking to him. In 1994, the daughter’s husband agreed to speak to me, but he had nothing new to say. His father-in-law died nearly at age 90 at the farmhouse.” An effort to discuss the subject with the parish priest also earned Soler a slap in the face.

“A long time after the incident,” Soler reminisced, “and while I was in the town of Peralta de la Sal, I got to speak to José Rami, the community’s jack-of-all-trades. He described an incident very similar to my own. He was a kilometer outside the town of Peralta with some mules and their tackle when he saw a white vehicle with two pilots. He was so frightened that he covered his eyes for a while, allowing the mules to lead him into town.”

The fact that Juan Soler would later drift into contactee circles would only cause serious researchers and journalists to overlook his experiences. Scientists are tired of telling us that the odds of finding human-looking intelligent beings somewhere in the universe is impossible, citing a number of evolutionary and genetic factors. But one researcher, Edward Ashpole, allows a loophole that will be of interest to those interested in humanoid CE-3s and which many will find vindicating. “This line of thinking,” writes Ashpole in his book The UFO Phenomena: A Scientific Look at the Evidence for Extraterrestrial Contacts (London: Headline Books, 1995), leads us to the conclusion that creatures with some kind of primate form, though not like us, might emerge from flying saucers, should flying saucers have a physical reality with biological beings inside them.” He then adds the important cautionary sentence: “But no ET could be like the beautiful people reported by many contactees and abductees, unless they were specially bred from human stock.”

Sidestepping any pro-ETH pathway for a moment, could the answer to the humanoid riddle lie in manipulation of the human race not by “ancient astronauts” but by advanced “next door neighbors” from another dimension, who have meddled with humanity since the earliest days of recorded history, and certainly before that? After all, the Sons of God looked upon the daughters of Men, and found them fair…

Humanoids from a Parallel Universe?

Science fiction enthusiasts, or perhaps more specifically, devotees of the oeuvre of Gerry and Silvia Anderson (UFO, Space:1999 and the supermarionation classics Captain Scarlet, Joe 90 and others) surely recall their motion picture Journey to the Far Side of the Sun, whose plot involves the discovery of a planet similar to Earth occupying the same orbit, always concealed by the fiery bulk of the sun. A mission is launched from our planet and promptly crashes on the alien world, where the protagonist, American astronaut Glenn Ross, portrayed by Ray Thinnes (The Invaders), finds himself on a world that mirrors our own in every way. In a way, the movie explores the ages-old legend of “the land on the other side of the looking glass” for a contemporary audience.

It’s very likely that Miguel Herrero, a resident of Alcalá de Henares on the outskirts of Madrid, had never seen Journey to the Far Side of the Sun when fate catapulted him into the pages of UFO history in the early hours of 18 December 1977. An avid fisherman, Herrero had borrowed the company truck to visit a favorite fishing spot, the Buendía Reservoir. Well on his way around six o’clock in the morning, the fisherman’s borrowed vehicle suddenly died on the road (National Hwy 320), and despite Herrera’s best efforts, he found himself unable to restart it. He pushed the truck to the curb and waited for daylight and the possibility of assistance.

He suddenly heard a voice calling out in the morning gloom, and suspecting it might be another stricken motorist, proceeded to go off into the distance to render assistance. He found that the source of the voice was a man wearing a white outfit, asking him to follow him. Thinking it might be a mechanic, Herrera fell in behind the figure.

To his astonishment, he found himself being led to a “hat-shaped object” that projected a metal cylinder to the ground, and a door opened. Herrera would alter tell Madrid’s “El Diario” newspaper: “I found it foolish to think about running at the time. If they wanted to hurt me, they would have done so already.”

The cylinder – described as “metallic and icy cold” – contained an elevator that led them to a large control room. Herrero suffered a brief blackout after his first view of the craft’s interior, subsequently being able to write detailed notes as to what he remembered seeing. The crew, from his notes, were all dressed in white overalls, except for one who bore a red circle on the upper left side. The character introduced himself as “Major Martins”, advising Herrero that the vehicle was able to materialize and dematerialize upon command. Unusually talkative, the humanoid described the crafts operation and other intricacies. Herrero was told that the non-humans “had come to our world by chance. They had calculated a given speed at which to travel, found a void, and reached our dimension two thousand years ago.”

But this Jules Verne-like presentation of technological wonders to an unsuspecting Earthling soon took an ominous turn. Herrero was at first shocked, then frightened, when he saw a man looking exactly like him seated at one of the stations. “My first reaction was to approach him, not to strike him, but to see someone who looked just like me up close.” He was prevented from doing so, advised that he could not come into contact with his doppelgänger, or “his negative”, as Herrero put it. “He was exactly like me, except that the scar which I bear on my left cheek was on his left.” He adds that his double was asked to leave the room, and was not seen again.

It should be noted that a more detailed version of the above appeared in The Journal of Scientific Exploration (Vol 8, No.1, 1994) in a report by Vicente Juan Ballester Olmos. This version includes photographs of the hypnotic regression session performed on Miguel Herrero Sierra and other cases (dismissed as hoaxes by the author) in which the subject of doppelgängers also plays a part. One such event is the 1985 Vallgorguina Incident, in which Xavier C., a young man, develops a roll of film taken after a visit to a megalithic site. The developed images show claws and “monstrous green faces”. Under hypnosis, Xavier C. claims that strange creatures manufactured “a double” of him which he would later see getting onto a bus in Barcelona.

More Encounters

Rodrigo Andujar of the Zona Ovni podcast reported a humanoid case of the 1950s involving "little men from a strange artifact" seen in the province of Cuenca (1 July 1953 Villar del Sainz). Maximo Munoz, the protagonist, was described as an illiterate shepherd who heard a sharp whistling sound - common on these cases - that prompted him to turn around. To his amazement, he found a tank-shaped object on four legs projecting a powerful light. Intrigued, Muñoz approached the device, and a "door" opened in its upper section. Two diminutive figures, referred to as "tietes" (little guys) by the witness, emerged from the structure. The "little guys" were described as 60 centimeters tall, with dark features and slanted eyes. They surrounded the young shepherd, who at no point felt any fear, by his own admission, only as sense of curiosity. He described the creatures' language as "very odd". Apparently losing interest in the human, both entities looked at the landscape before boarding their "tank", which "took of quickly" according to the witness.

Despite his protestations of fearlessness, young Maximo returned home in tears and deeply shaken, according to his parents. The father would eventually return to the scene of the alleged humanoid encounter in the company of the Guardia Civil (state police) captain, being able to ascertain the presence of "many footprints as if from children" on the ground, as well as four square impressions supposedly made by the unknown artifact.

The thoughts of the late John A. Keel on the matter bear repeating in this case: “One basic fact should be obvious from the foregoing – these entities and things are not necessarily from some other planet. They are actually closely tied to the human race, are a part of our immediate environment in some unfathomable fashion, and to a very large extent are primarily concerned with misleading us, misinforming us, and playing games with us.”

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Humanoid Encounters: The LIttle Green Men of La Plata - The Villa Montoro Case

Humanoid Encounters: The Little Green Men of La Plata – The Villa Montoro Case
By Carlos Sainz, Alternativa OVNI (No. 5, July 2014)

Toward late November and during the month of December of 1983, the neighborhood of Villa Montoro on the outskirts of La Plata (capital of the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina) became the epicenter for a series of reports by local residents – mainly children and teenagers – who claimed having witnessed encounters with small, greenish, humanoid entities. The case became known as “the little green men of La Plata” and it caused significant local interest in the early days of the restoration of democratic rule in the country.

The Facts

An abandoned house, located on a property on Calle 600 between 2nd and 3rd in the Villa Montoro neighborhood was the main scene of the alleged apparitions of these diminutive beings, which according to eyewitness reports, were green-skinned and stood no taller than 0.60 centimeters. Sightings of these small entities was not restricted to the house in question, and sightings and reports extended to several blocks around, giving rise to a veritable tidal wave of journalists, researchers, experts in supernatural phenomena and curiosity-seekers flooding the area constantly.

First Sightings

Diego Illi, 7 at the time, living at Calle 600 between 1st and 2nd, was perhaps the first to have a close encounter with the little men. This took place on Sunday, November 27 between 14:30 and 19:30 hours. “We went to play with Walter (a friend) in the abandoned house. We were climbing a tree when we saw them. Walter got scared and ran away. I stayed behind and played with them a lot. We climbed the tree limbs, and I also got to wrestle with one of them. Then they told me it was late and that I had to leave.” (1)

Regarding the description of these beings, Diego noted: “They’re tiny – they come up to here,” pointing to his knee. “They’re green and have wrinkled faces, like old men. They had long nails, were dressed in green, had little boots and green caps.” Diego says he saw the little men eating quince and honey.

“I went back to the house but never found them again. I hope they come back. I’d like to see them again.”

Claudia Ortiz de Viguera, 21, lives across from the lot where the apparitions allegedly occurred. She remembers going out to smoke a cigarette on the evening of Sunday the 27th. “First I heard laughter, like that of children, coming from the playground, but while it’s true that they play there regularly, I found it odd that they should be playing at that time of night. That’s when the little man turned up. The night was rather bright and that’s how I managed to see him, but it happened very quickly…”

Another eyewitness account is that of Julio Cesar Masei, a 14-year-old who on Monday the 28th, the next day, claims having had the following experience.

“It was around 16:30 hours and I was crossing the field to reach Calle 90, since I was off to see a friend who lives between 4th and 5th. In the middle of the field there’s a small stream and a sort of embankment. As I walked by, I heard laughter and noise, and decided to get closer. The embankment is covered by a cina-cina bush, and when I lifted it I saw around 4 or 5 of those little men. When they saw me, they stood up and chased me. I took off at high speed, and tried to leap across the stream but couldn’t do it. In any event, I managed to cross it all covered in mud. The little men remained on the other side. We stared at each other for a while, some 5 minutes. They screeched and growled like cats, threatening me with cina-cina branches. One of them, the loudest, appeared to be rabid.”

Julio’s description of the beings is as follows. “They were midgets standing some meter and a half tall. They were dressed in little green coveralls, but their skin was the same as ours, the same color. They had no ears and were very old, some 70 years old.”

The youth adds: “I threw a brick at one and hit him in the leg. He screamed and hopped around as his fellows looked at him.” Julio ran to join his friends, who mocked him. He then fearfully made the return journey home.

Hours later, at dusk, the young man decided to go back. “I went out looking for them again, with a flashlight. I found them once more in an empty field under a tree. I crept up and had one of them close at hand. I reached out my hand and touched him without feeling anything odd.”

More Eyewitness Reports

Guillermo Insaurralde, 11, decided to go to the site accompanied by several friends after hearing what locals were talking about. “All of us were circling the house when one of them [the little men] ran out from behind a wall. He was green, looked scaly and I even think he had a single eye. It was dark and I shouted for my friends to bring the flashlight over. The thing ran toward the bushes in a zig-zag pattern and vanished. It walked on two legs, was like a midget, and made strange noises like a tired dog.”

Later on, the boy would expand on the details (at the request of journalists) on the creature’s characteristics: “It would have been some 50 centimeters tall with a scaly body, like a fish, seemed frightened and squealed…it looked like the light from the flashlights caused it harm. We almost caught it, but it moved too quickly and got away from us after chasing it nearly two blocks from where we found it…I saw it had a single eye in its forehead. It was black. I didn’t notice any hair on it, had a large head, like a half-flattened egg or pumpkin…”

Beatriz Piñeyro was around 8 at the time. She lived with her parents in the rear of the abandoned house. She told her father that on Monday, she saw the little men on the treetops. The father did not pay attention to his daughter’s statements at the time, and upon approaching the trees, he saw nothing out of the ordinary.

On the Progression of the Events

During the course of the events in Villa Montoro, a number of researchers of unusual phenomena appeared (2), aside from the journalists and chroniclers of the communication media. [These were] extraterrestrial contactees, channelers, people who received messages from the Blessed Virgin and those who claimed to be in telepathic contact with imps and gnomes. Among them was parapsychologist Oscar Avendaño, who claimed having received telepathic messages from these small beings, giving him a message to be conveyed to then-president Raul Alfonsín (3). The parapsychologist claimed to have made contact with a little man named “Clatú” (4), commander of the Astro-Galactica spacecraft: “Alfonsín must not allow work to continue on nuclear energy and thoughts of making a nuclear weapon must be dismissed.” This, allegedly, was part of the message received by Avendaño.

Commissioner Amador Alfredo Villar of the Eight Commisariat of the city acknowledges that many people reported to his precinct to report what they had seen, but made it clear that the corresponding reports were never taken down. In his own words: “We visited the place several times. I’ve been there myself and haven’t found anything yet…we’ll keep investigating and patrolling should anything turn up.”

When consulted about his opinion regarding the witness claims, he said: “I don’t know what they’ve seen. I don’t know. Maybe it’s true. It’s hard to believe, of course, but who knows. People were very restless last night, we went and found a large group of people combing the pastures with flashlights or standing there discussing the subject.”
Some local residents manifested their dismay about the situation, especially the lack of safety at the end of the day. They said that gunshots could be heard in the dark, stones were thrown at the homes nearest the abandoned house. They demanded a greater police presence due to the number of people prowling the area (5).

“My neighbor, Lucia Segovia, has even had stones thrown at her house because she’s been told the midgets hide there, and that we’re concealing them,” said local resident Osvaldo Piñeyro.

Subsequent Manifestations

Next, we shall mention only a few incidents subsequent to the matters discussed in this report, which in some way reflect certain similarities both in the description of the beings observed as well as their erratic and unusual behavior.

In December 1983, in the city of Gobernador Ingeniero Valentin Virasoro in the Department of Santo Tomé, Province of Corrientes, several children reportedly saw green, one-eyed creatures in the vicinity of an abandoned house, describing them as “some 60 centimeters tall, wrinkled skin and with piercing gazes.” (6)

During the month of April 1984, several residents of Coghlan, a neighborhood to the north of Buenos Aires, claimed having had face-to-face encounters with the little men, and not only green ones. According to these reports, the creatures sighted were sometimes orange in color, and described as “cute and kindly.” (7)

In August 1988, at School No. 35 (Perito Moreno) in the city of Mar del Plata, several students of that institution claimed having seen small green men. According to their stories, midgets standing some 60 to 80 centimeters tall were seen over three or four consecutive days in the yard, on the rooftops, in the bathrooms or on the water tanks. Despite the students’ claims, school authorities paid no mind to the situation, dismissing it as childish fantasy.

That very same year in Pergamino, on October 28 and around 0:30 hours, a group of four friends witnessed the presence of several little men, describing them as follows: “They were 5 or 6 little men, some 70 centimeters tall, naked, with a single eye, hairless, moving their arms and with three fingers on their hands. They had no wrists and we could not see their feet.”

Additional Thoughts

The case of the little green men left its mark on society, serving as a trigger for subsequent reports of manifestations in various locations, as we have seen. The term even gained popularity due to the famous rock group [Los enanitos verdes] that formed in the city of Mendoza in 1979. But contrary what can be thought a priori, the group took its name from another case that occurred in Mendoza in 1979. This is how Felipe Staiti, guitarist for Los Enanitos Verdes, tells the story: “The year was 1979 and a family of tourists took a photo while visiting Puente del Inca in Mendoza. Upon developing the photo, the family noticed some little green men beside them. No one saw them when the shot was taken, but there they were after the film was developed. This event achieved notoriety and appeared in the local press, and some even say the photo was even sent to NASA to ascertain its authenticity. Whether it was a legend or fact, a journalist friend of ours christened our new group Los Enanitos Verdes of Puente del Inca, and that’s how it appeared in the first chronicle. Band members opted for the first half of the name: “Los Enanitos Verdes”, but they could just as easily have called themselves Puente del Inca.”

The media reached the scene and from there, day after day, confected reports for television news programs that kept viewers in suspense, anxious for more adventures about the reporter of the moment (8). Another aspect to be highlighted were the recent and major movie releases concerning alien beings (some of them truly successful at the national and global level) whose main characters had the characteristic of displaying the typical aspect of the small humanoid.” (9)

There are those who consider – in view of the situation described above – and the media efforts at disseminating these events in an overblown manner and with dubious intent, played a major role in firing the imagination, reflected in the eyewitness accounts, leading people to concoct suggestive stories and narratives. However, stories and narratives of “encounters with strange beings” are not exclusive to our present society or culture. A glimpse at old legends and myths from a variety of cultures should suffice to find several suggestive similarities with such fantastic apparitions.

Thus, in the same way it all started, disturbing the peace of the neighborhood, mobilizing residents and curiosity-seekers alike, creating unusual situations that were not exempt from moments of violence and lack of control, there was no further talk of the diminutive intruders one fine day, leaving behind one of the most bizarre and curious stories regarding the alleged presence of non-human beings in our midst.

(1) Mirta, the boy’s mother, says the following about him: “He is very serious for his age and doesn’t lie”, when questioned by reporters for “Shock” magazine.
(2) Marta B. Peyrou de Patinni (psychologist, parapsychologist and archaeologist) appeared on the scene, claiming to belong to the International Cosmobiological Institute for Extraterrestrial Experience, alleging having captures strange sounds and images of large-headed figures through the use of infrared photography.
(3) The message conveyed by the leader of the little men begins by saying: I am Clatú, and belong to the Astra-Galactica Commandery, we have made you come here to give you a message for all mankind. In another instance we did the same on 26 November at 05:00 post meridiem. Many will remember the time and place on the planet where our message was heard.”
(4) Note the similarity between the name “Clatú” with Klaatu, the alien protagonist of “The Day The Earth Stood Still” (1951)
(5) Annoyed residents state: “What happens here at night is not to be believed. Older boys throw stones and even fire shots […]
(6) A member of the group, who preferred to remain anonymous, said the “little green man appeared to want to tell us something, but when we approached, he ran in fear into the fields.” Revista Alternativa Ovni No. 3, November 2013, p.11.
(7) One of the female interviewees said the following in “Libre” magazine in 1984: “I approached the little men because they inspired trust. They’re very calm despite their rapid movements. They were gathered by the fallen tree. We spent a long time together. It turns out there are little men and little women, and we were all together making love.”
(8) Tiempo magazine for 03.18.2007 made a brief summary of what went on there: “José de Zer prepared a new report for Nuevediario every day; blurry photos of the beings that must unquestionably be extraterrestrials were published in the press. A policeman patrolling the area asked for medical leave on account of having been bitten by one of these creatures. A boy saw one at the school at 72nd and 19th, and classes were called off. Even one of the school secretaries was attacked by the little man, also causing her to request leave. The news went beyond the borders. Researchers from the Swedish UFO Institute arrived to study the phenomenon, but the little men never turned up and the Swedes had all of their equipment stolen (could it have been a little man?). Others took the opportunity to make a little money, like Loco Córdoba, who sold little dolls of “Luciano el Marciano” (Lucian the Martian). Founders of the LUS cult were not to be left behind and called a press conference to say that they had sustained direct communications with “the captain of the spacecraft” and that they were “time travelers.” The cult’s leader, one Andrade, had no luck with his pronouncements. He was prosecuted by the law for defamation of character. People began to lose faith in the little green men. As the phenomenon ran out of steam over time, Jose de Zer went to find UFOs at Mount Uritorco. Loco Córdoba didn’t sell another doll, and no one went camping or spoke again of Martians or midgets in Villa Montoro.”
(9) On 23 December 1982, Spielberg’s E.T. opened at theaters. In this movie, a small space visitor strikes up a friendship with a group of children. On 14 July 1983, the movie “El Extraterrestre", a parody of the Spielberg film, starring Alberto Olmedo and Jorge Porcel, opened nationwide in theaters. On 8 December 1983, The Return of the Jedi by George Lucas, third installment of the Star Wars movies, opened in theaters. In this movie, Master Yoda appears prominently. He is a diminutive being with aged features, pointed ears and green skin.

[Translation (c) 2014 Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology]

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Strange New Humanoid Presence on the Beaches of Necochea, Argentina

Strange New Humanoid Presence on the Beaches of Necochea, Argentina
By Guillermo D. Giménez, Planeta UFO – INEXPLICATA contributing editor

Once more we find ourselves with direct information regarding strange presences during the month of May 2014 on the shores of Necochea, Argentina.
It is here that we have found four (4) witnesses who speak of seeing strange lights at night on the Necochea’s very shoreline, its beach, as well as sightings of a strange humanoid-type creature. These events occurred on Sunday, 18 May and Tuesday, 20 May at night.

In both cases, the sightings took place from an apartment on the coast of the swimming resort itself. It should be noted that at the time, these were very cold evenings and with rain/showers during the first incident. The beaches of Necochea are illuminated by very large floodlights, allowing witnesses in these cases to see the strange presences.
The names of the protagonists have been changed at their own request, but all information is in my possession.
Let us hear now from the protagonists of these events.

Strange Lights over the Beach

The evening of Sunday, 18 May 2014 was a very cold one, with steady rain and rain showers. There was no one on the shoreline, and some wind was prevalent over the area. Two technicians for a major corporation – whom we shall call Ramiro Z. and Christian B., were looking through the window of an apartment located facing the sea, on the 11th floor of an important new building in the village.

Ramiro Z. and Cristian B. are professionals in different technical areas. They perform their duties for a well-known company in Necochea and are 48 and 50 years old, respectively. They told us:

“We were looking through the window of the apartment located facing the sea and something caught our attention. We could see some strange lights lighting the very edge of the sea, but given their distance, it wasn’t possible to make them out clearly. Imagine our surprise when moments after seeing these lights, located around Avenida 2 and Calle 81, approximately, but on the shore, at its very edge, we saw a person walking in that direction out of thin air – a person we were unable to see clearly. We call it a person because it was a humanoid figure heading toward the lights. We then called another person, whom we shall call Guadalupe P. to come have a look. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to make out the humanoid figure, but did manage to glimpse the lights at the very edge of the sea, on the beach itself. The figure vanished moments later, as did the strange lights on the shore. The time was approximately 22:15 – 22:20 hours of the evening. It should be noted that it wasn’t a 4x4 truck or any motorcycle that could have been on the beach, since the lights were different and they [cast light] like a spotlight on that part of the shore. Furthermore, it was raining, and no one under such circumstances is going to wander around the shore on a cold and rainy night.”

That was the story of my two eyewitnesses, both of them fully qualified by their studies and the functions they carry out in their jobs.
They believe it was a strange object, while unable to make out its size or shape. What they saw with a humanoid shape could have also been its occupant, who for some reason stopped on the shore before returning and vanishing abruptly. They were unable to make out any clothing or facial features at all.

It should be noted that seeing lights and strange objects on the Necochea shoreline is quite common: over the sea, exiting and/ or entering its depths, hovering over vessels waiting their turn to enter the Port of Quequén-Necochea – in short, the case histories are abundant in these matters and I myself have witnessed some of them.

A Strange Humanoid Presence on the Shore

Two days after these events – more precisely Tuesday, 20 May – Mrs. Guadalupe P. and her daughter Marcela P. noticed the strange presence of a humanoid-type “person” who “floated as it walked” on the shore itself, also at night and without anyone else being there. They were in their apartment facing the shoreline on Avenida 2 of the city of Necochea.

This is the story of both protagonists:

This is the testimony of Guadalupe P., a professional, married with three children, age 52. He holds a senior position in a teaching institution in Necochea:

“On May 20 at approximately 22:15 hours, my 17-year-old daughter summoned me because she had seen something “strange” moving along the seashore from south to north. I should explain that we live facing the sea on the 11th floor. It was a clear but very cold night. An ethereal figure in whitish hues, yet simultaneously transparent, could be made out. It stood 1.60/1.65 meters tall, average. Considering how cold it was that evening, it really caught our attention. It gave the impression of flying in the air (its feet were unsupported). In order to see it better, we turned off the lights of the apartment and looked out the balcony, opening the window. We were able to confirm that the figure was traveling in the air. Facing our seaside apartment there is a wooden platform (used in the summer as a bar and refreshment vending point) and this figure stopped there for a few seconds before moving on. We saw it for a few meters but lost it from sight in front of the sandbanks. It should be noted that the beaches are lit up to that point. We don’t know if it went into the sea or kept walking toward the seawall. All of this happened over a 250 meter stretch.”

This is the statement of her daughter Marcela P., a 17-year-old student:

“20 May 2014 was a very cold night. It would’ve been around 22:15 hours, approximately. I was sitting in an armchair in my apartment on the 11th floor, looking out onto the Necochea seashore. Spotlights lit the beach, there was no one around, but I managed to see a “person”. For this reason, I called my Mom over so she could look, and as she regarded it for a few seconds, realized it wasn’t a person, since it didn’t appear to be wearing clothes, a scarf, hats or shoes (and as I said earlier, it was a very cold night). For that reason we turned off the apartment’s lights, looked out from the balcony and could see it more clearly. The figure stood approximately 1.60 meters, I think, an average height, was very diffuse, its lower body was barely visible. What we could see clearly, though, is that it was moving in the air, as if floating. It kept going for some 100 meters until it reached a platform with wooden pilings that is used in the summer as a refreshment stand. It stopped there, lingered a few seconds, and kept going another 150 meters, although its figure became less noticeable, it became more diffuse, until it finally vanished altogether. This is the first time I’ve seen something like this. I was stunned. For that reason I keep looking through the balcony at night, hoping to see something like it again.”

These are the direct eyewitness reports of the protagonists of this strange sighting. On the full shores of Necochea, on a very cold night with no one around. When I asked about lights near the edge of the sea or elsewhere, both told me that there were no lights in evidence, as in the previous case. They did clearly see this strange humanoid figure, floating as it walked. It was in the air. It seemed to vanish at times, as parts of its body could not be seen. Its size was apparently normal. Could it have been the same creature seen two days earlier by Ramiro Z. and Cristian B.? What was it looking for on the seashore, and wandering along the coastline? Where did it finally go?


Necochea is no stranger to UFO sightings and the presence of its occupants. I have personally looked into dozens of cases with multiple witnesses of varied socio-cultural backgrounds, finding true cases of UFO encounters as well as with the presence of occupants, such as the famous incident I dubbed “The Amelia Case: Contact in Necochea, Argentina” on 14 February 1988, with the sighting of two humanoid beings, and years ago, on 31 August 1978, a sighting of strange amorphous beings – a case I dubbed “The Estancia La Dulce Case – A UFO Encounter with Amorphous Entities”, and more recently the strange photo taken in November 2013 at Necochea Beach, showing the photo of a tall humanoid – an image that went around the world through the news and UFO media. “The Humanoid of Necochea Beach”, was the title I gave it. They have also left their mark in a wealth of landing incidents, such as the Aeroclub Gral. Necochea incident of 9 November 1968, the ground marks found on February 1988 in a house in Miguel Lillo Park, the six circles discovered on Thursday, 11 February 1988 on the premises of the Sociedad Rural de Necochea (“Strange Prints in Necochea”) and finally, another print found on 24 December 2013 near a field in Necochea (“Strange Print Found in a Field Near Necochea”) where a large, perfect circle measuring 11 meters was found in a wheat field. The cases continue and I could keep listing them --- UFO chases such as the famous case known as “The Necochea Incident: Analysis of a Contact” in August 1962, micro-flaps in 1978 during the month of August of that year, and may other events that took place in various seasons of the year since 1962 (which I have followed up on and researched many years later, as I wasn’t born at the time) to this date. Multiple sightings over the city, over the sea, over the Quequén River, over the Park, over the adjacent locality of Quequén, photographs, video recordings of these events, and coming across the widest variety of witnesses as the protagonists of these events.

What happened last May on the shores of Argentina can be added to this rich and important case history within world ufology. I personally believe that these events played out exactly as told by the witnesses. A strange humanoid figure traveled along the coast of Necochea – for reasons unknown to us – one night in May 2014.

Research by Guillermo D. Giménez
Necochea, Argentina

[Translation (c) 2014, Scott Corrales, IHU]